The phrase "how to save the world in 6 days" came to me about 3 years ago. You know, there's the myth about the world was created in 6 days. And now we're kind of on the other side of that with this Rite of Passage Humanity is undergoing, so I wondered: If we COULD save the WORLD in 6 days, where would we start?

1) Well, for 1, maybe 6 days is a metaphor for 6 generations and it's not so crazy.

2) Well, what the some key, deep, tangled root-ball issues we should really notice? If we noticed that so so so so much of what we are identifying as "problems" were actually just symptoms, could we trace back to 6 (or so) key tangles that are at the ROOT of things? and if so, what might those be?

A Fundamental worldview shift.


As Henry FORD said, (he's he guy who invented the cars), "Those are the BEST reasons I've ever heard about why this can't be done. Great work!"

He was speaking to a group of engineers he had hired to build the engine for his horseless carriage.

"Now, I'm going to pay you again for another week of work. Let's call it 6 days. :) Now that we know all the BEST reasons it can't be done. Like, really, guys, I can't argue with these reasons. You're right. It absolutely cannot be done those ways. Not, go give me equally good reasons for how it can be done."

Thank you.

I am currently driving a Civic Hybrid, 2008.

Now, the HORSELESS CARRIAGE wasn't built in 6 days.

But the seed of it took root.

What can't we do in 6 days if we put our minds to it?


Maybe, just maybe, we can help heal mother earth of all her suffering.



brothers & sisters,

and ancient ancestors,

and the next 7 generation


"We did not inherit the Earth. We are borrowing it from our children."
~The Ancient Peoples of the Northern Hemisphere

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