"There has to be a revolution. And it has to be a revolution of consciousness." -- Russell Brand
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." --Albert Einstein

These 2 thoughts go together.
The change, we believe, begins within, by removing culturally conditioned shame, and engaging with your authentic self. Be the best version of you You can be. Browse the bookstore of your soul. Take the most compelling book you can imagine off the shelf. Make that the Story of Your Life. That's the radically authentic expression of joy through the pursuit of your life's purpose.
So, Begin within. Awaken to your authentic self. That's step one.
The universe is fractal. 
1. Transcending cultural conditioning is Individual Awakening. From that arises True Joy.
2. Cultural Awakening comes next: when enough individuals Awaken that the effect goes "viral," spreading through the Human Organism like a virus. This is when we truly come into acceptance that we've been destroying the planet. (As a species, we come out of denial.)
3. The Great Global Awakening is the Revolution of Consciousness that is the emergent property of an Awakened Culture. This quantum upgrade of intelligence happens in individuals who have "Awakening," and it will happen in our culture, just like the 100th Monkey Phenomenon.That higher level of consciousness is what Einstein had compared to the rest of us: the level of intelligence necessary to solve all the problems we've created.
The skills we learn which awaken us as individuals are the same skills we will apply to waking up as a culture. 

We call that: The Solution Revolution

We are Solutionists. We think outside the problem.

That's the awakening that awaits us.