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Hi, I'm Tom Tortorich. I believe that collectively, we can manifest a positive future. I believe in hope. I think that together, we can change ... everything. I believe in the More Beautiful World Charles Eisenstein writes about.

Personally, I'm doing my part to bring that world about by doing a podcast, teaching classes and workshops I call "The Art of Connection," and writing a book about intuition & synchronicity, which I believe are 2 phenomena that we experience in our day-to-day lives that are direct experiences of the interconnected world (oneness) that both spiritual teachers and quantum physics attempt to explain.

I live in Eugene, Oregon in a spiritual community called Dharmalaya.
I'm researching and writing my book. I enjoy teaching classes where we listen to and discuss the many voices in the Global Change Movement.

This is exactly the life I want to be living. 
I make a living by asking a reasonable fee for my classes, and offering scholarships to anyone who asks.

I believe in the model of the gift economy. I believe moving beyond our current monetary system is going to be necessary to truly evolve as a culture. But we're not there, yet. Which is why I also ask for donations to support my work.