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Hi, I'm Tom Tortorich. I believe that collectively, we can manifest a positive future. I believe in hope. I think that together, we can change ... everything.

I believe in the More Beautiful World Charles Eisenstein writes about.

And I also see that there is a Global Change Movement that has already begun.

Personally, I'm doing my part to bring that world about by doing a podcast, teaching classes and workshops I call "The Art of Connection," leading Forums, and seeking more opportunities as a Public Speaker to support, inspire and motivate the Global Change Movement.

Churches, High Schools, and Universities are my intended demographics.

More importantly than donating to support my work, please refer local groups to me who are looking for speakers on important topics like this ~ word of mouth is how the real connections are made! Please refer them to or 816-699-3807.

I moved to the Boulder, CO area in October 2018, and am currently spending the spring immersed in Nature, camping in the lush and verdant Arapahoe and San Isabel National Forests in Colorado where I feed the hummingbirds and am writing a book called "The Eloquent Civilization."

Last year I lived at a Yogic Retreat center in Oregon for 9 months.

3 years prior to that, I was a self-employed web developer, spending 8+ hours per day on the computer.

Today, I travel into town a few times per week to spend quality time with friends and cultivate relationships.

It's an interesting life path, to say the least.

Peace, from the Forest!

and Peace from the Nederland Public Library where I write this today.