Gordon X. Phillips joins the SolutionRevolution podcast. Talking about how to create your own identity by design.

Walter Hrycaj and Janay Alanaa'maa with Tom Tortorich on the podcast.

Excuses, Be Damned!

This is an unscripted talk which will likely become the introduction to my book, "Excuses, Be Damned! Beginning the quest for your purpose."

Cultural changes are happening on a massive scale. Those changes, seemingly inspired as we draw closer to the convergent crises that threaten civili...View Details

The Cult of Culture

The "cult" of mainstream culture may not be working for the vast majority of people alive today. Or many of the other beings that we share the Earth w...View Details

The More Beautiful World

A conversation between Jake & Tom about Charles Eisenstein's work, "The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible."Eisenstein's work shows ...View Details

Intuition, Time Travel, Dogs, Metaphysics, Biofeedback, Intelligence, Rupert Sheldrake, Charles Eisenstein, more dogs. Dogs are the only thing that re...View Details

We talk about evolving relationship models. What does it mean to have intimate friendships? Where is the line between intimacy & sexuality? How ca...View Details


What does it mean to have "companions" in your life? Is there a type of connection/relationship we, as individuals, can have with each other that is ....View Details


Continuing on this day's theme of Emotional Awareness. Re-framing forgiveness. What does it really mean?

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